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Newsletter Index

The newsletters are not formal matters. They are often thought exercises and ideas written as they develop. It is not practical to update the book everytime I have a mind fart, so I decided to do an informal newsletter to share ideas and information. These will at one point be edited into new chapters for the book. It was also not practical to write everyone who has purchased the book individually, so a mailing list has been set up.

Mailing List Signup & Removal

Newsletter 01 - 09/12/15 - The Holy Grail?

Newsletter 02 - 09/18/15 - How to Get the Plaintiff to Testify about the REMIC Trust OR How a Client Won Today!

Newsletter 03 - 10/03/15 - Vacating a Foreclosure and Other Mind Farts

Newsletter 04 - 10/27/15 - All Bank Powers of Attorney Are Worthless or, "The Second Shoe Drops"

Newsletter 05 - 11/17/15 - Magistrates and Various Dirty Tricks:

Newsletter 06 - 10/15/16 - The Allonge may be a Breach of Contract and nobody can enforce a contract they breached.

Newsletter 07 - 11/15/16 - Motions to Dismiss and Affidavits or Other Evidence

Newsletter 08 - 01/01/17 - Free Motion to Dismiss - Exclusive and Ground Breaking (Included in the book "Every Foreclosure is a Fraud".}

Newsletter 09 - - What to Do Right After the Motion to Dismiss. For readers of the new book "Every Foreclosure is a Fraud" and everyone else. AVAILABLE SHORTLY.

Newsletter 10 -- 01/16/16 - Homeowner Wins Foreclosure Case and the Lessons Learned.

Newsletter 11 -- 01/20/16 - Another Type of Allonge Fraud re: Choice Capital Funding, Inc.

Newsletter 12 -- 02/04/17 - Dealing with Cookie-Cutter Orders on Appeal

Newsletter 13 -- 02/05/17 - Striking the Bank's Achilles Heel

Newsletter 14 -- 02/06/17 - Every foreclosure is Extra-Judicial (Illegal)

Newsletter 15 -- 02/17/17 -- Other PofA Related Defenses

Newsletter 16 -- 05/06/17 -- NO EVIDENCE OF ABILITY TO ASSIGN

Newsletter 17 -- 05/07/17 -- The Trustee does not Own or Hold the Note

Newsletter 18 -- 05/12/17 -- AWL - America's Wholesale Lender Explained

Newsletter 19 -- 06/12/17 -- Supreme Court of New York Opinion - Dismissal for Discovery Violations

Newsletter 20 -- 07/03/17 -- Maryland Law & Delaware Statutory Trusts

Newsletter 21 -- 07/22/17 -- Florida Foreclosure Statute of Limitations -- There are None.

Newsletter 22 -- 08/11/17 -- Allonge & Assignment Must be Original, FL 4th DCA

Newsletter 23 -- 08/18/17 -- FL 4th DCA-- Caliper Home Loans Blows It

Newsletter 24 -- 09/01/17 -- The First Most Important Affirmative Defense

Newsletter 25 -- 09/01/17 -- The Second Most Important Affirmative Defense

Newsletter 26 -- 09/01/17 -- A New Way to Fight MERS and the Dumbest Mortgage Assignment Ever Seen

Newsletter 27 -- 09/02/17 -- Attacking a Lost Note Affidavit, Surety Bonds and More

Newsletter 28 -- 10/31/17 -- PSA Introduction by Bank Fails as Evidence

Newsletter 29 -- 12/01/17 A Trust is a Trust, Is a Trust (Under Construction)

Newsletter 30 -- 01/06/18 Lessons from the Front Lines

Newsletter 31 -- Arkansas Sanctions Unlicensed MSR Holders

Newsletter 32 -- 06/08/18 A Whole New Way to Dismiss a Foreclosure Case

Newsletter 33 -- 08/25/18 A New Way to Fight Caliber/U.S. Bank Assignments

Newsletter 34 -- 10/01/18 California Homeowner Bill of Rights

Newsletter 35 -- 10/17/18 MERS Has Standing With Original Lender Defunct

Newsletter 36 -- 10/26/18 The Servicer Needs Standing Too

Newsletter 37 -- 10/27/18 Exactly who says the Trustee is a Trustee?

Special Reports

The special reports were done before the newsletter and mailing list. Much of this is rather thinking out loud. Some clients paid for these special reports and we thank them. That helped make these and the newsletter possible.

The newsletters and these reports include lines of questioning. None are exclusive and can be applied as necessary in a case. They can be combined. Different ideas come about at different times.

Kill All Foreclosures

Foreclosure Trial Defense in a Nutshell

Admitting The SEC Form 10-K Annual Report As A Business Record

The Trick They Use to Get In the Mortgage Assignment


The Inescapable Duty to Prove and Disprove Standing in a Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Action

Wells Fargo Access to REMIC Loans

Direct Examination- How to get documents into evidence

Federal Register - Citigroup Purchase of Argent, Ameriquest Mortgage, ACC Holdings

Foreclosing on Nothing: The Curious Problem of the Deed of Trust Foreclosure Without Entitlement To Enforce the Note

Residential Foreclosure Case Book

How to get our evidence in at trial and keep theirs out (Although written for employment cases it applies to all cases.

Losing the Paper - Mortgage Assignments, Note Transfers and Consumer Protection

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